Sunday, September 30, 2012

iPhone 5 Review

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time that a new iPhone has been developed and released.  While looking almost exactly like the iPhone 4S, there are some minor body changes to the outside of the phone.  But more importantly are the changes to the inside of the phone.


               iPhone 4S                                                                                   iPhone 5

Hardware and Design

The first thing that everyone has noticed about the new iPhone 5 is that it is taller than the previous phone.  This taller 4 inch screen now provides you with an extra row for apps.  Apple was able to achieve this taller display by moving the headphone jack to the bottom of the phone.  The phone features a primary 8 megapixel camera that is capable of filming video up to 1080p and also allows you to take photos while filming.  The phone also has a 720p  1.2 megapixel front facing camera.  You may also notice how smooth the phone feels around the edges now.  The entire phone is now completely flush with the metal band that goes around the outside of the phone.  The corners of the phone are rounded.  The phone is also noticeably lighter.  The iPhone weighs in at only 3.9 ounces whereas the iPhone 4S weighed 4.9 ounces.  You may also feel that the phone is thinner than the previous phone.  Overall, Apple has done an amazing job with taking the idea of the iPhone 4 and making it better in every way possible.

The new iPhone 5 features a new dual-core A6 CPU running at 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, and is available with between 16GB and 64GB of storage.  It can also now run on not only a 3G network, but also LTE.  The new display on the iPhone 5 produces much brighter vibrant colors and deeper blacks than the 4S.  You can easily notice this when looking at both models side by side in person.


The sound quality of the iPhone far surpasses that of all previous models.  The sound is crystal clear, whether using the earpiece for incoming audio or using the speakers for music.  The quality of outgoing audio during phone calls is also very clear and impressive.  This is because Apple has equipped the iPhone 5 with three microphones to pick up sound much better while also providing excellent noise reduction.

New Earpods

Apple has also developed a new pair of earbuds to be bundled with the iPhone 5, called Earpods.  These new earbuds offer much better sound quality and a bit more bass than the standard earbuds we have grown accustomed to recieving with every apple product.

Lightning Port

Apple has also downsized its 30-pin dock connector to a smaller connector known as the lightning port.  This doesn't appear to be significantly useful other than the fact that it allowed them to make the phone smaller.  Everyone will be forced to buy adapters to use the new port with their older cables and connectors.  The cable used with the new lightning port is USB 2.0, so don't expect your sync speeds to be any faster.


The iPhone 5 is certainly a speed demon among phones.  I'm not sure if I could rightfully say that it's the fastest phone out there, but it certainly is up there with any other competition.  From opening and closing apps to playing high definition games, this phone does not skip a beat.  There is definitely a noticeable difference in frame rates when playing high definition games.  Overall, this phone is just insanely fast.

Battery Life

One of my favorite things about the phone is the battery life.  Apple has made the iPhone thinner, lighter, faster, and just generally better in every single way and has managed to make the battery as good (if not better) than it was in the iPhone 4S.  Apple never fails to amaze me with what they can do when they really try to improve a phone.

Last Thoughts

Overall, I think that Apple has created another masterpiece of a phone.  People will argue whether it's the best smartphone out there or not, but one thing is for sure, it certainly is a powerful competitor.  Although I was kind of disappointed that the iPhone 5 turned out to be an improved version of the iPhone 4S rather than an entirely new phone, I can't complain with what Apple has done with the phone.  It's lighter, thinner, faster, and just overall better than the previous iPhone.  It is easily the greatest iPhone that has been built so far.  So I leave it to you to discuss this new iPhone, praise Apple for the phone or point out flaws with it.  Let me know what you think about my blog and (or) the new iPhone 5.  Thank you for reading :)